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Gas outdoor freestanding fireplace

Galio Corten Fire Pit is an automatic outdoor gas fireplace enclosed in a round, puristic case resistant to the most severe weather conditions.‎ Exposed to the outside environment, the steel develops a rusty in appearance oxide layer.‎ All of this make it a safe and durable fireplace for your garden.‎

Its heart – the unique fire-pit-shape burner – creates an even and concentrated flame that will bring every outdoor space to life.‎ The fireplace can also be fitted with an optional glass cylinder which covers the flame and provides additional aesthetic value.‎

Galio Corten Fire Pit is a free-standing, portable product; this feature allows for easy installation and free arrangement of the fireplace (no electric connection required).‎ Two control solutions, an integrated Easy Start panel and convenient handheld remote, offer extra comfort and easy control of the device and flame.‎ Optionally, you can equip the fireplace with a wifi or smart home system module and conveniently control the fire using a mobile application.‎ Together with low operating vltage and two fuel options (Natural Gas or LPG), Galio Corten Fire Pit is the ideal fireplace for outdoor spaces of any kind.‎

Technical data
Net weight: 65 kg / 143 lbs
Powered with LPG or NG.‎
Heat output net: min.‎ 2,5 kW (8 649 BTU); max.‎ 5,1 kW (17 299 BTU)
Gas rate: min.‎ 0,2 kg/h (0,44 lbs/h); max.‎ 0,4 kg/h (0,88 lbs/h)
Gas pressure: 37 mbar/11" WC
Heat output net: min.‎ 2,4 kW (8 054 BTU); max.‎ 4,7 kW (16 108 BTU)
Gas rate: min.‎ 0,25 m3/h (8,8 ft3/h); max.‎ 0,5 m3/h (17,7 ft3/h)
Gas pressure: 20 mbar/7" WC

Top: stainless steel
Casing: corten steel

Further info from manufacturer on GALIO FIRE PIT CORTEN Planika
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Ø: 950 mm
H: 350 mm
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