Planium PL01 INVISIBLE Flooring





PL01 Invisible Floor modular tiles are easy and quick to lay; they are also completely reversible in a precise manner as the installation is performed with simple one-click coupling between tile and tile.‎ The fixing is perfect: stable, but also reversible.‎ The rubber underlay guarantees additional stability and optimal sound absorption values.‎
The absence of laying glues and the total reversibility of the floor, mean that the PL01 Invisble system also has optimal eco-sustainable characteristics.‎

You can choose different finishes in natural metal or textured among:
- stainless steels (various textures),
- Calamina steel,
- oxidized steel, brushed.‎

PL01 Invisible Floor can be installed on:
- screed,
- another floor that you want to cover,
- floating technical floor.‎

"METAL, material of various qualities, is the raw and primary material of Planium projects; it creates exclusive and emotional architectural spaces, unique and personalized floorings and wall coatings.‎ It is one of the oldest, NATURAL and RECYCLABLE materials, but also contemporary par excellence, suitable for emphasizing the forms of urban environments.‎                                                                        
Walls and floors become furnishing, embellishing the environment with their textures, in a wide range of solutions of your choice.‎
Each finish tells its story.‎ Material and nuances create perceptions, sensations that are imprinted, leaving their mark.‎

SILVERY COLLECTION: The purity of steel.‎ Steel is synonymous with luminous elegance and infinite, resplendent resistance.‎ This finishing material is proposed in a variety of brushed, satin, embossed or oxidized textures.‎

CHARME COLLECTION: Warm and enveloping atmospheres.‎ The red copper note, the golden shades of brass and bronze in brushed, oxidized or satin textures.‎

ECLIPSE COLLECTION: Light-dark tones tending to browns of oxidized and unique and unrepeatable calamine steels.‎ 

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