Plant decorations

Houseplants make any environment, be it a private home, office or public space, healthier, as well as more aesthetically pleasing. Throughout the day, plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, contributing to make the air in your home healthier and to remove toxins. Studies have also shown that the presence of indoor plants can improve the focus, productivity and even your mood. The options are many; you can choose large indoor plants, to be placed on the ground, or small ones, perfect on a shelf or table; you can even opt for entire plant walls; or, if you just can not guarantee them a constant care, you can opt for artificial plants, which are not able to purify the air, but allow in any case to make the environment look more cozy and, hence, the life inside to be more pleasant.

How to decorate your house with plants

Plants bring wellbeing in the environment where they are positioned and at the same time play the double role of making the spaces aesthetically more pleasant and enjoyable. Whether you live in a small apartment or in a large house, it is possible to set up a green corner in any environment. In the living area, for instance, you can place a large houseplant on the floor so as to achieve a stunning scenic effect, or a composition of small-sized plants on the cupboard, on bookcase top or on the fridge. More: it is but a legend the one according to which plants should not be placed in the bedroom. As a matter of fact some species in particular are able to produce oxygen even during the night, for the benefit of those who sleep in the same room. You can also put plants in the bathroom, provided that you choose one among the many that love humid spaces. In order to complete the set up of your house green areas, you cannot do without design cachepots and flowerpot holders. There are models available for all tastes, from the classic ones in red terracotta to the more contemporary versions in painted metal or wood suitable to be used not only on the balcony.

How to decorate the office with plants

It’s not by chance if the workplaces are getting increasingly rich in green-themed decorations. The presence of plants, indeed, improves the focus and help the stress level to drop, therefore increasing production at work. The architectural project of an interior can foresee the presence of walls decorated with vegetal frames or green walls, very suitable for transit areas and able to create unexpected decorative effects. In offices and open plan spaces it is possible to set up entire green ceilings, created with the installation of lichens, mosses and stabilized plants. Your office lacks green areas? You can create a small green area yourself with a plant on your desk, possibly choosing one that does not require much natural light (something work places are often short of).

Artificial plants for those who do not have a green thumb

If taking care of a plant is not your thing or if you are slowly learning and do not want to give up on being surrounded by green, you can opt for artificial plants. Today they are made with techniques thanks to which they can perfectly mimic real plants. Such a solution is also ideal for offices and public areas where the maintenance of green spaces cannot be ensured.

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