Platek MINI ONE Paletto LED aluminium bollard light

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MINI ONE Paletto By Platek




LED aluminium bollard light

Mini One is an aluminum LED bollard light.‎
Extruded aluminium alloy body.‎ Head and base made of EN 44300 aluminium alloy with very low copper content.‎ No visible screws.‎ Subjected to galvanic anodizing treatment divided into distinct phases: mechanical satin finishing, surface degreasing, anodic oxidation and final sealing.‎ The product is painted following a continuous two step paint process (epoxy-based primer + polyester-based colour finish), which allows to generate a single thick protective coating which then generates aprotective barrier against atmospheric agents and UV rays.‎ Before fixing the diffuser on the Platek products a Pre-treatment using an atmospheric pressure plasma process is carried out on the surface.‎ The process activates the ionic load on the surface exactly where it is needed, thus promoting the best silicone grip possible and removing any residual release of agents for a longer lasting seal.‎ The next steps are the coating of silicone and the assembly of the diffuser on the lighting fixture, with an automated process to guarantee the perfect sealing of the lamp.‎

IK 07

MINI ONE is a cube of small size from rigorous and geometric design, combining elegance and great flexibility of use: the basic version can be installed to get grazing light on the walls and ceiling and as a floodlight with the supplied bracket.‎ The purity of MINI ONE is enhanced by the total absence of visible screws and wall mount totally hidden.‎ It is available with two and four windows and, alternatively, with blades of light.‎ The bollard version is designed for lighting pedestrian walkways and gardens.‎

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