Poltrona Frau VANITY FAIR XC Armchair with armrests


VANITY FAIR XC By Poltrona Frau


Armchair with armrests

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As the product-symbol of the company, the Vanity Fair armchair embodies all those values of timeless elegance, quality materials and handicraft skill that have made the Poltrona Frau brand famous over the years.‎ Officially named "Model 904" but known as Vanity Fair since 1984, this chair has become one of the universally recognised icons of Italian design.‎ The design which began production in 1930 seems to have been re-worked by the Poltrona Frau Style & Design Centre starting from the drawings Renzo Frau left his wife Savina.‎
To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Vanity Fair armchair, the company asked the designer Roberto Lazzeroni to revisit it, adapting its proportions to offer an even more comfortable and welcoming chair.‎
The Vanity Fair XC armchair has a 100x100cm base and is 97cm tall.‎ The supporting structure is in solid seasoned beechwood.‎ The padding is made of both hand-shaped vegetable horsehair and rubberised horsehair and the seat cushion is made of goose down with a polyurethane foam insert to help it keep its shape over time.‎ The seat, back and armrests have steel biconical springs tied by hand and fixed to jute belts.‎ A row of nails covered in leather add refinement to the back and sides of the armchair.‎ The upholstery can be in Pelle Frau® leather or in fabric.‎ A golden or gunmetal grey finish plaque with the Poltrona Frau® logo is included in the frame on the back.‎

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