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Executive desk with shelves


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JOBS | Executive desk


Executive desk with shelves


Wood, Steel

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Jobs is a collection of management office furniture: desks, conference and meeting tables and furniture units.‎ There are three versions of the desk: Easy Desk, Executive Desk and President Desk, each available with numerous accessories and variations.‎
The Jobs desks have a brushed steel frame with a lead painted finish and characteristic "T" section.‎ The Easy Desk and Executive Desk versions have a cable management column made of steel with external medium-density wood fibre panels veneered in Lead Oak or Tobacco Oak with a polished finish.‎
In place of the cable management column, the President Desk has a cabinet made of medium-density wood fibre veneered in Lead Oak or Tobacco Oak with a polished finish and a matte-finish top.‎
The Pelle Frau® leather top is embellished with a Lead or Tobacco strip of Oak with a matte.‎ This runs the entire length of the top and separates the work area from the "Guest area"; it also features a slot where electrical cables come out.‎
The “Guest area” identifies the area of the work surface on the other side of the Oak strip.‎ This is reserved for guests and is available upholstered with Pelle Frau® leather from the Color System like the rest of the top or veneered in matte Lead or Tobacco Oak, to be paired with the column or the cabinet.‎
To the side of the cable management column, the top is equipped with a sliding door that allows access to a small compartment inside the top that contains a pen tray.‎

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THE OFFICE - C.E.O. Office Furniture Collection by Poltrona Frau
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