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Solid wood magazine rack

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The series of REN accessories has grown.‎ A bookcase, magazine rack and table mirror expand the functions of the collection.‎ The underlying theme is still the “ren” symbol, which shapes the sides of the various accessories.‎
As with the rest of the collection, the supporting structure is in solid Canaletto walnut.‎ The joints between the upper crosspiece and the sides are decorated, internally, by brass elements.‎
The new accessories also communicate a sensation of intimate elegance.‎ Small, light architectures are made up of ingenious suspensions, clever balances, and simple joints inspired by an oriental concept of spaces and design.‎ They are produced using fine materials and artisan techniques inextricably linked with the Poltrona Frau tradition.‎
The magazine rack is a sheet of Cuoio Saddle Extra leather attached to the upper wooden crosspiece by two brushed steel bars with brass finish, to become an elegant and tactile container.‎
The bookcase is a graphical weave of lines.‎ The two lateral uprights, slightly inclined, support the birch plywood shelves, upholstered in Cuoio Saddle Extra leather and with a Canaletto Walnut veneer on the sides.‎
The upper crosspiece is fixed to the wall using metal hooks with a natural brass finish.‎ The bookcase comes in a low version with a round multi-purpose tray upholstered in Cuoio Saddle Extra leather hanging from the upper crosspiece, and in a tall version.‎ Both variants can be completed with bookends in brushed steel with a natural brass finish.‎
The table mirror consists of a round element (310 mm in diameter) supported by two lateral uprights and two crosspieces.‎ The internal surface of the mirror frame, upholstered in Cuoio Saddle Extra leather, is decorated with a brass band.‎

Ren is a symbolic reference to the centrality of human beings in interior design.‎ Armchair, sofa and a complete collection of furniture accessories inspired by the Chinese ideogram “ren”, which means “person”.‎  The longer stroke sticks out slightly and is supported by the shorter stroke: a symbol, pure and simple, that transforms into an original design element characterising the profile of every object.‎ When designing the elements in this series, Neri & Hu sought to maximise their versatility and adaptability to different spaces, giving people the chance to create welcoming homes with the utmost freedom.‎ In fact, they can be used in the entrance hall, living room, bedroom, bathroom and study, but are also perfect for non-domestic spaces such as meeting rooms or waiting areas.‎ All of the objects are made of wood, brass and saddle-leather: fine materials that are showcased thanks to the simplicity of the design.‎

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