Porro STORAGE PULL-OUT SLIDING Sectional wardrobe with coplanar doors custom




Sectional wardrobe with coplanar doors custom


, Centro Ricerche Porro

Storage is a complete programme designed to be functional and practical.‎ It is able to hold and show different items by changing from cupboard to walk-in closet.‎ It can efface itself in small rooms and in the meantime it can to determine large rooms by creating original living sets.‎ The fair and elegant hinged, pullout sliding and sliding doors hide equipped insides.‎ Rich outfitting liven up open walk-in closet with its basic frame held up by bright aluminium drafts.‎ Storage gets through every dimension barrier and it satisfies every organizational and stylistic need by its new concept.‎

Storage, a modular system that not only contains your possessions but also shows them off, transforming effortlessly from wardrobe to walk-in closet.‎ To create a secret room for your clothes, the dressing room is presented in a large horseshoe-shaped composition, in the expressive finishing of mongoi.‎ The first side features 3 shoe shelf modules, with inclining illuminated shoe shelves with the reduced depth of 43 cm, while the second and third sides show an angular composition with a depth of 590 mm, that alternates on both sides open modules to modules closed by Iron doors in transparent glass with iron-look varnished metal profiles.‎ Thanks to the new internal customisations and accessories, keeping your clothes in order has never been so easy, or fun.‎ The shoe cabinet with inclining lighting shelves, non-inclining lighting internal shelves, glass shelves enclosed by a wooden profile so you can glimpse what's inside, the drawer with tilting removable mirror, the tie rack to hang on the panel, the removable clothes hanger hook, the bag compartment and the fabric boxes to keep inside the drawers, to keep sunglasses, necklaces, watches and belts in place: all these functional features add a warm, inviting touch to a home or elegant boutique.‎ Storage Air self-bearing walk-in closet closes the fourth side, presented with sides and backs in transparent glass.‎

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