Pot à Porter BELMONT Ceramic vase


BELMONT By Pot à Porter


Ceramic vase

Belmont is a handmade vase.‎ Belmont’s clean architectural lines, modern housing, rhythms of life based on technologies and take care of themselves.‎ Who has had the opportunity to visit Belmont definitely it has found that the peculiar characteristics of this California town of San Francisco Bay Area are well shaded.‎ Expanse on the hills and reaching the ocean, is a highly liveable area thanks to the health-conscious standards in place here, such as the strict anti-smoking ordinance.‎
Living in Belmont is therefore not a simple residential choice, however, performed by many in the computer industry, but the adoption of a lifestyle.‎ As a style choice is the line “Belmont” Pot à Porter: sober, essential, exquisitely contemporary; drawn on precious clay molded by hand.‎ A dip in the California high tech without forgetting a vintage feel.‎

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