Pot à Porter BRERA Ceramic vase


BRERA By Pot à Porter


Ceramic vase

Brera is a handmade vase.‎ It was in 1776 when the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria decided to found the Accademia delle Belle Arti (Academy of Fine Arts) in Brera, district of Milan.‎ No more private teaching: art was opened up to public.‎ Since then, artists have gradually transformed Brera into a little jewel full of beauty and poetry.‎ "Braida", the term from which the neighborhood gets its name, means wasteland: indeed it was an area separated from the center of Milan, without appeal.‎ Now Brera is known as "the artist's quarter", and is an integral part of Milan's charm.‎ This district, adjacent to the city center but at the same time with a spirit of its own, has inspired an elegant Pot à Porter collection.‎ The "Brera" line combines two different but similar colours.‎ Attention to design recaptures Brera's artistic calling; the minimalist, modern style reflects the metropolitan, dynamic character of Milan.‎

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