Pot à Porter COMO Ceramic vase


COMO By Pot à Porter


Ceramic vase

Como is a high quality handmade clay vase.‎
Como the lake, the deepest in Italy, a refuge for Roman aristocrats, its first population seems to originate from a fusion between a Ligurian colony and another Celtic.‎ To give a description of his countless events that he has seen over time, a day of reading would not be enough.‎
Today the lake which belongs to the province of Lecco and Como, and is an excellent refuge where you can choose how to relax, between sailing the lake or living in the mountains that surround it, appreciating the landscapes and the tranquility that it inspires.‎
According to many artists, the best known source of inspiration remains the “Promessi Sposi di Manzoni” or excellent refuge to leave the city frenzy.‎
Our Como collection in all the shapes, wants to represent these layers of lake green color and the color of the very small and rare beaches.‎

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