Pot à Porter HOMER Ceramic vase


HOMER By Pot à Porter


Ceramic vase

Homer is a handmade vase.‎ We are in Alaska, the Kenai Peninsula.‎ Here we find Homer, a small town affectionately named "the end of the road": after the port, the sea stretches out as far as the eye can see.‎ The city's motto is significant: "Where the land ends and the sea begins".‎ A Pot à Porter collection is inspired by this place; a place which is so particular, hotter than the rest of Alaska, and rich in landscapes whose beauty is breathtaking.‎ The backdrop is the North, where the ice is never-ending and moose wander leisurely on their very long legs.‎ The "Homer" line is characterized by two different colors as if to emphasize the closeness of dissimilar elements joined to one another as land with water.‎ A single point of encounter, a rare beauty.‎

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