Pot à Porter LERICI Ceramic vase


LERICI By Pot à Porter


Ceramic vase

Lerici is a handmade vase.‎ Collection dedicated to the Italian “Gulf of Poets” the memory of time marked by old customs, habits not affected by the frenzy of the big cities.‎ A place where creating craftsmanship becomes natural between the sight and the smells of the sea and the soil.‎Its colours and shapes bring us back to the proximity of the Cinque Terre, to the use of clay by the Etruscans and finally to the design, as if it were a SuperYacht of San Lorenzo.‎
“Lerici Collection” combines colours in a fusion between the transparency of the sea and the raw earth.‎ Strictly handcrafted, enamelled to be used indoors and outdoors, made to last over time and resistant to weather like the Castle of Lerici.‎

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