Pot à Porter MAYFAIR Ceramic vase


MAYFAIR By Pot à Porter


Ceramic vase

Mayfair is a handmade vase.‎ Oscar Wilde, was a connoisseur of elegance.‎ And in fact he lived in Mayfair, one of the finest districts of London, which still houses restaurants and trendy shops, art galleries and luxurious residences.‎
To give an idea of the kingship of this London district, it is worth remembering here that Queen Elizabeth II was born and lived during the first years of life.‎ At that setting and in that atmosphere is inspired by the collection “Mayfair” Pot à Porter.‎ Vases with soft shapes, soft colors, unobtrusive elegance, capable of giving an inimitable tone dwelling that houses them because really unique and exclusive: considered the manual production process, no one is equal to another.‎ For those who love the British taste, these are pieces of artistic craftsmanship not to be missed.‎

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