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Small, large, square, circular: the pouf enriches the furnishing style of the living area with games of shapes, colours and materials. The pouf can be combined with other accessories in your home, creating continuity in the furnishing style, or it can be contextualized in such a way as to compose chromatic and material contrasts with the design of sofas and armchairs. Modern poufs are colour spots that catch the eye and increasingly replace oversized seats. From models covered in fabric with patterns and textures with strong tones, to solid-colored products, the poufs are a space-saving solution that allows you to furnish a living area with small dimensions without sacrificing comfort.

The pouf from its origins to the present day

The pouf is a piece of furniture that was born in the East, where it was initially used as a luxurious accessory in the homes of the wealthiest and richest families. It was generally made with a leather or leather cover and padded with fabrics and rags of various kinds. The first appearance of this object in Europe seems to date back to the French courts of the nineteenth century, it seems that the word 'pouf' draws its origins precisely from the particular hairstyles that the fashion of the time imposed on noble ladies.
The term can also be traced back to the onomatopoeic sound 'puff', which would be nothing more than the noise of an object that deflates and lies on itself. Over time, the pouf design has evolved from a simple accessory to a distinctive element of both classic and modern furniture, a real must have that can not miss in your homes, whatever your style.

Pouf: a winning combination of colours, materials and shapes

In order to buy a pouf, in addition to considering the design of the model, it is important to evaluate the shape, material and size, so as to be able to choose which one will be most suitable for your living room.
The most classic models are those with the most regular shapes, so you can choose a comfortable round pouf, perfect to combine with a sofa or an armchair, to be used as a footrest, or opt for square poufs to be combined with each other in geometric compositions that will enrich the spaces of your home.
Everyone will know the most informal sack poufs, they are in fact over time become true icons of style, are made of materials and patterns in many different ways and for their padding are generally used microspheres in polystyrene. Just choose the color of your choice to have a touch of design in your rooms.

Space-saving beauty and pouf with multiple functions

The uses of a pouf are many and can be managed according to your needs for furniture. For example, a storage pouf can be used to save space in a small living room.
Buying a furnishing product of this type means obtaining, with a minimum of space, a versatile and versatile object that furnishes without taking up too much space. The pouf container in fact, in addition to having the standard functions of seat and support surface for legs and feet, has a convenient storage compartment for magazines, objects and furnishings that otherwise would not find the right space in the house.
If you are used to having guests at home and you need a bed that does not constantly clutter your space, and that can instead appear when necessary, you will find the perfect solution by choosing from the many configurations of pouf bed. In fact, they have the particular feature of being transformed in a few minutes from comfortable footrests - or seats - into occasional beds that can be used at any time. They can therefore be used safely in both the living and sleeping areas of your home.

Cleaning and maintenance of poufs

In addition to the purely aesthetic characteristics of a pouf, you must take into account other important aspects, one of them is certainly the maintenance of this comfortable piece of furniture. When faced with fabric poufs rather than leather poufs, it is important to understand how to keep these surfaces clean at all times.
The most practical solution is certainly to opt for a pouf with removable lining, in this case just remove the coating and follow the instructions for washing the material, usually provided when purchasing the object.
If, however, your pouf does not have this feature, don't worry, there are in fact different cleaning methods that you can implement depending on the material you have chosen. If, for example, you have purchased a cotton-covered pouf, you can spread sodium bicarbonate on the stained surface and, after leaving it in place for at least 15 minutes, you will have to remove the excess dust and brush vigorously with a textile brush. Another remedy could be to spray water on the stain and then apply some Marseille soap, let it act for 15 minutes and, after removing the excess soap with a sponge, let it dry.
If the pouf is covered with leather, it should be sufficient to act immediately with a damp cloth directly on the stained surface. In the case of deeper stains that are difficult to remove, there are various commercially available sprays or dry products for the maintenance of this particular type of material.
In general, however, it is advisable to always refer to the labels usually placed together with the coating, here are the composition of the material, useful tips for maintenance and all instructions for cleaning the surface.

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