PREFA ITALIA FX.12 in alluminio

Metal sheet and panel for facade


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FX.12 in alluminio


Metal sheet and panel for facade

Sophisticated design
The new FX.‎ 12 roof and façade panel features an extraordinary structure.‎ Its irregular edges create an interplay with light and shadows, so that the panels have a different look as the sun's position changes.‎ The building becomes "alive" with light.‎
Technical finesse
The edges fulfil a functional as well as an aesthetic purpose: they provide additional reinforcement to the panels, allowing for greater resistance with the same material strength.‎
During production, care is taken to give each panel unique edging.‎ The edge pattern is never repeated and is irregular even across large surfaces.‎
Another technical feature is the conical angled fold, which carries out several functions at once:
- Optimal protection against driving rain and wet conditions
- Support for any lateral strain
- Improvement of self-cleaning thanks to dirt being washed away more effectively
Quick, easy assembly
The additional edge of the upper fold makes the FX.‎ 12 roof and façade panel into a single, small-format element without requiring extra lead tacks, and pre-stamped holes allow it to be fixed directly onto the formwork or substructure.‎
Two formats (long and short elements) make the irregular joint offset, which is especially important for the aesthetics and even easier to manufacture.‎
Best quality
The FX.‎ 12 roof and façade panel is available in the usual range of PREFA colours, of course.‎ Paint and materials are covered under the 40-year PREFA guarantee.‎

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