Profilgessi LED 017

Gypsum Linear lighting profile for LED modules

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LED 017


Gypsum Linear lighting profile for LED modules



“Essential Light” is a new collection of lighting of Profilgessi. After a careful analysis on the guidelines of the market, Profilgessi introduces a collection of lamps and spotlights with refined and minimal design. The shapes of the lighting fixtures, created by professional designers, are inspired at the various contemporary artistic trends, enhancing the surroundings. The collection consists of three types of products: recessed spotlights and pacer, wall sconces and suspensions, recessed linear systems . Each luminaire is equipped of accessories and technical specifications of installation.

The profile led 017 creates a stunning effect because the light leaking from a gap of 10 mm, with Added aluminum heatsink already has coverage PPMMA be applied on flat surfaces, get A remarkable light intensity as the light and direct.
It simplifies the installation of the applicator MUST Building What not place the edge already prefinished.
Integrated into ceilings and walls with beautiful lighting effects characterize the environment, making minimal and essential. 
Material: the product made from gypsum (calcium sulphate dihydrate, CAS 10101-41-4) enclosed between two sheets of paper, to which additives can be added in amounts less than 1%
Reaction to fire: A2, non-combustible, non-explosive, non-oxidising
Ecological information: The product is not dangerous for the environment. The product is an inorganic material and presents no risk of toxicity.
Do not release to the environment. The calcium sulphate dihydrate in the presence of organic substances, can give rise to H2S.
Waste treatment methods: Do not release to the environment. The conferment as waste must be made in the manner regulated by national laws.
Dispose with EWC code 17 08 02 .Uncontaminated packaging can be recycled.

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Lighting Collection by Profilgessi
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