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Flooring profile

COVERTEC SP is a profile designed to join two adjacent existing floors at the same height but it can cover imperfections in cutting or slight variations of height to be found on a tiled floor joining to a wooden one for example.‎
Thanks to its shape, available in 3 different widths, this profile helps floor coverings to maintain the minimum distance thus acting also as a dilatation joint.‎

edges are slightly bent downwards in a rounded-off shape in order to help hide the difference of level up to 2 mm.‎ The arrow head shaped vertical flange can be easily embedded into the gap but it is recommended not to use acetic based silicon for fixing, as brass can oxidize over time.‎
Some versions of series COVERTEC SP, thanks to their particular alloy composition, can easy be bent manually in phase of laying to follow into the round contour cuts of flooring curvature decorative design jobs and curves.‎

COVERTEC SP-OL Polished Brass
This brass profile is developed with prime choice raw material in order to guarantee the tolerance and endurance to chemical and mechanical solicitations.‎

COVERTEC SP-OC Chromed Brass
This profile has a chrome finish which conveys a higher aesthetic touch.‎ It is water proof and resistant to most corrosive agents.‎ Limited tolerance to abrasion, not recommended for high traffic areas.‎

COVERTEC SP-I* Stainless Steel AISI 304 - DIN 1.‎ 4301
Patented system in stainless steel.‎ It ensures an excellent resistance to corrosion.‎
The profile has a slight difference in shape compared to the brass one due to the special steel rolling process which differs from the brass work process.‎
Available in polished stainless steel (IL), brushed (IS) or sanded (IX).‎

Silver Anodized Aluminum
This profile has a silver coating and is suitable for both indoor or outdoor application with high tolerance to weather agents but less to mechanical impact.‎
During installation excess adhesive and grout should be removed immediately to avoid stains.‎ The exposed surface may change colour or darken in time.‎
Where higher stresses are involved the use of brass profiles is recommended.‎
Covertec SP9 is a joint profile for LVT floors with thickness of 4,5 mm.‎

COVERTEC SP* Aluminum Wood Cladding Finish
Profile with a melamine wood tone in 8 different varieties.‎ Good tolerance to abrasion comparable to most melamine coverings.‎ The melamine embossing on the Aluminum is particularly smooth therefore it remains quite clean and blends well with the flooring tone.‎

LVT floors Collection by PROFILITEC
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