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Flooring profile

ZEROTEC ZR allows the installer to perfectly match different floor levels when laying ceramic tile or wood flooring over an existing floor.
Because of the slope, ZEROTEC profiles are ideal in passage areas for hand trolley and cars, while providing edge protection resistant to vertical loads. The brass version is recommended for industrial applications in garages
and shopping centers.
Available in aluminum and brass with patented vertical dovetail anchoring.

ZEROTEC ZR-O* Extruded Brass
This brass profile is produced with first grade raw material, guaranteeing resistance to chemical and mechanical stress and wear. It is used indoors and outdoors, particularly suitable for areas with heavy, industrial traffic as well as for elegant residential detailing. Moisture and corrosive agents may oxidize the exposed surfaces. Buffing the profile with conventional polisher will bring back its shine in no time.
Available in natural brass (ON) or polished brass (OL).

ZEROTEC ZR-AN Natural Aluminum
This profile is produced in conformity with UNI standards. It has limited mechanical and chemical resistance. During installation, excess adhesive and grout should be removed immediately to avoid stains. The exposed surface may change color or darken over time. Brass or stainless steel profiles are recommended for outdoors and high traffic areas.

ZEROTEC ZR-AS Silver Anodized Aluminum
This profile has a silver coating and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor application with high resistance to weathering and lower resistance to
mechanical impact. During installation, excess adhesive and grout should be removed immediately to avoid stains. The exposed surface may change color or darken over time. Brass profiles are recommended outdoors and in places of high stress and wear. Zerotec ZR50 is a joint profile for LVT floors at different levels with thicknesses from 0 to 5 mm.

ZEROTEC ZR-IL Stainless Steel - AISI 304 - DIN 1.4301
This stainless steel profile ensures high resistance to most diluted chemicals found in laboratories and aggressive detergents present in food processing plants, commercial kitchens, slaughter houses, breweries, public toilets and hospitals.

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LVT floors Collection by PROFILITEC
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