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Garden easy chair with armrests

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OBLIQUE | Garden easy chair


Garden easy chair with armrests



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When designing the Oblique family of products, we wanted to ensure a quality sitting experience for the user in a real soft easy chair, but within minimal dimensions.‎ It is these requirements that have created the recognizable profile of this set of chairs.‎ The profile underlines two triangular prisms.‎ They ensure the greatest thickness of the foam on the major points of support for the body when sitting: the back side of the seat and the lumbar zone of the backrest.‎ The narrowed plane where the volume from the seat blends into the backrest improves the ergonomics, but also allows for the elasticity of the backrest.‎ The top of the legs has a rectangular cross-section, but becomes increasingly thin towards the bottom, turning ultimately into a triangular base.‎ This way, we have reduced the robustness of the wooden profiles of the structure and have given the design a geometric expressive and contemporary character.‎ We have perfected the products through time, offering, in addition to the wooden leg structure, an alternative metal version that also includes an armrest.‎  The Oblique family also comprises a larger dining table and low tables.‎

The basis of the system is the characteristic profile of a sofa which, defined by two triangular prisms, ensures maximum foam thickness on the rear of the seat and the backseat's lumbar area.‎ The structural veneer moulding is bent around two axes and is upholstered together with the foam, resulting in a unified pulsating form.‎ As a result of the triangulation, the solid oak legs thin towards the bottom, thus transforming the square cross-section of the top of the legs into their bases' triangle.‎ The Oblique easy chair with metal construction of the legs emphasizes the specific profile and volume of the easy chair, thus losing the impression of massiveness that the easy chair has in the wooden version.‎
A completely new typology of outdoor furniture is brought to market with Oblique family of products.‎ The products look the same as the indoor version, just the materials are made for outdoor use.‎

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Oblique Collection by prostoria
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