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ASPA BIG By pulpo


Square glass coffee table

Manufacture year


The aspa big coffee table perfectly demonstrates how the series creates a mesmerising sense of depth.‎ Long straight panels of smooth and rippled glass converge at the tables centre, as each panel intersects the tables transparency deepens.‎ A mix of visual intrigue and textured surfaces demand closer inspection.‎

The series is an exercise in simple geometry – aspa translates to the intersection of straight planes.‎ Each table brings together five glass panels converging at their centre.‎ As each straight line is brought in, the coloured transparency of the glass form darkens to produce a layered aesthetic to the series.‎ This layered form is highlighted through a combination of smooth glass surfaces backing onto rippled and textured chapel glass panels.‎ Each panel altering reflections and transparencies to create a mesmerising centre-piece.‎

The table is produced from textured chapel glass affixed to toughened glass panels.‎ Bubbles, streaks and other variations in size and colour are part of the production process, and not defects of the design or production.‎
The aspa series if made up of three variations of coffee and side tables, and available in a range of colours that add a further dimension to this captivating collection.‎

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900 L x 900 W x 320 H

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