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Battery charger USB Battery Charger

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"Flash, saviour of the universe.
He's for every one of us, stand for every one of us
He save with a mighty hand, every man, every woman, every child, with a mighty Flash!Ever since we banished the darkness from our caves, and Luke faced Darth Vader in Star Wars, no light has been so important as Flash. Light is more than LED and flashlights, light is life. A flashlight is the saviour of the worst times. Flashlights are disasters, adventures, burglary, ghost stories, childhood, saviours all in one object. I once had my power turned off because I forgot the bill so here I am lighting the whole place with Flash. It;s the devious of the universe.
A Flash in the dark, the destroyer of shadows."
– Job Smeets

The light bursts out of the FLASH to then keep still in a solid form that adheres the tool to the wall or to the table. Is light stronger than matter?  

Qeeboo is an Italian brand created by Stefano Giovannoni in 2016. Strong in it’s Italian way to think design, Qeeboo and its designers moves through a narrative approach coming out from their expressive languages, having in common a figurative research as an important element of communication, creating iconic objects with a great emotional power. These strong Qeeboo icons reduced on the scale of a miniature give origin to a new family of products: the qeeboomini collection of power bank.

FLASH MINI - USB Battery Charger designed by Studio Job.
Colors: green, grey, blue, pink

ΓΈ 4,1 x h 10,4 cm

Flash Collection by Qeeboo
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