Quadrifoglio Group X4 Sectional workstation desk


X4 By Quadrifoglio Group


Sectional workstation desk

The practicality and timeless design of this collection culminate in a changeable structure available in single, semi-executive and shared work station versions.‎
X4 is available in a new version with metal and wooden legs, a sober and dynamic pairing that engages in dialogue and is exalted by finishings, conferring a distinctive touch upon work places.‎
Sliding tops, complete with cabling system preserve form and guarantee practicality, seamlessly integrated for an impeccable aesthetic result.‎ Ease of use is guaranteed by the ball slide guides and the magnetic lock system.‎
Worktop usability of is optimised in single versions of X4 thanks to accessories like the cable tray, for the neat and tidy management of all cables, even in operative workstations.‎

With years of experience to call on, the Quadrifoglio Group is able to suggest office interior design solutions that correspond to your aesthetic and organisational requirements.‎
We know that every Office has its own needs, which vary according to the personnel of the company, the type of role that individuals perform or the need to host external guests, whether suppliers, clients or as part of industry events.‎
We design and develop functional collections of furniture for executive offices, workspaces, meeting rooms and common areas.‎ Relaxing spaces to sit down and chat, meeting rooms that inspire shared visions and workstations designed for your maximum comfort, every day.‎
Our line of Designer Office products is conceived to adapt to your workflows with the aim of improving the quality of the most important resources of a company: people’s time and physical and mental wellbeing, thanks to the functionality and beauty that resides in the design of furnishings and their finishes.‎
We are well versed in every aspect of workplace comfort and propose furnishing, acoustic and lighting solutions designed for your everyday use.‎

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Design Office Collection by Quadrifoglio Group
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