Quinti Sedute HYWAY PIEGHEVOLE FULL Folding leather training chair with armrests with writing tablet

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Folding leather training chair with armrests with writing tablet

HyWay is the new landmark in the panorama of office chairs.‎ It has been designed for Quinti by Orlandini Design Studio.‎ Refined design, smooth and defined shapes, attention to details and a wide range that can match with its functionality and versatility the requests of any working environment.‎ HyWay represents a new way of interpreting office chairs keeping quality, well-being and technological excellence first.‎ Hyway represents the new design identity made by Quinti: a unique and inimitable design to create a new office environment.‎ The depths and edges define the lines of the seat, adorned by using refined materials and coverings.‎
Hyway seat in all its elegant line, enclose technical and functional contents of high significance.‎ The backrest is made of cold injected polyurethane moulded foam which can guarantee a perfect support, the dimension and structure of the integrated armrest ensure the height of comfort, the mechanism allow for all kind of body type a complete versatility of the seat.‎ Aesthetically is possible to customize single part of the seat (armrests or back) by using different materials for the upholstery
or different colours.‎ Hyway has a soft mould with a consecutive surfaces design which remind the multiple faces of a diamond.‎ The back and armrests, completely separate from the seat make up in a singular body and gives a functional, technical and innovative image to Hyway, ensuring versatility and comfort in its use as well.‎

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Hyway Collection by Quinti Sedute
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