Ragno BISTROT Porcelain stoneware flooring with marble effect


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Porcelain stoneware flooring with marble effect

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Presenting the Bistrot collection, with a wealth of floor and wall coverings clearly inspired by the “gathering” trend.‎ This international style recovers traditional coverings from history, such as majolica and cement tiles, stones, marbles and woods, making new, highly contemporary creative combinations.‎
This style can be described as eclectic, based on the combination of different materials and decorative motifs, which provide the input for amazing compositions.‎
The collection ranges from types of stone and marble with strongly contrasting colours to those featuring more subdued, uniform shades.‎ Bistrot comprises four marbles, Pietrasanta, Calacatta Michelangelo, Marfil and Infinity and one stone, Crux (available in two colours, Taupe and Grey), offered in three finishes, Soft, Glossy and Bocciardata (honed, glossy and structured) and in a variety of sizes.‎
The outcome of meticulous research into raw materials and a state-of-the-art production technology, stones and marbles meet in this large collection, comprising porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles, slimline (6 mm) 40x120 wall coverings, decors, 3D structures and mosaics.‎
Bistrot in porcelain stoneware is available in a wide variety of sizes with three different finishes: Soft (satiny), Glossy and Bocciardata (structured).‎ The particularly innovative Soft finish is achieved by satin-finishing the surface using a procedure which maintains all the material's resistance properties intact, while making it pleasantly soft to the touch with a time-worn appearance.‎
Bistrot in monoporosa material, in the 40x120 size, comprises marble-look slabs with a Soft finish; the range of decors is particularly fine, created to offer a variety of interior design and stylistic solutions.‎

Through-body coloured fine porcelain stoneware for sizes: 75x150 72x147 75x150 bocc.‎ 75x75 72x72 60x60 58x58 30x60
Glazed porcelain stoneware for the 7x28 and 21x18.‎2 sizes

An eco-sustainable product created with a closed cycle production process and containing recycled material.‎

Soft (satiny)
Bocciardata (structured)

Pietrasanta, Calacatta Michelangelo, Marfil, Crux Taupe, Crux Grey, Infinity, Augustus e Cremo Delicato.‎

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75x150 Soft 11 mm
75x150 Bocciardata 11 mm
75x75 Soft 10.5 mm
60x60 Soft 9.5 mm
30x60 Soft 9.5 mm
72x147 Glossy 10.5 mm
72x72 Glossy 10.5 mm
58x58 Glossy 10 mm

Small sizes
21x18.2 hexagon Soft 9.5 mm.
7x28 Soft 9 mm

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