Ragno CONTRASTI Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles with encaustic effect




Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles with encaustic effect

Contrasti is the new 20x20 cm stoneware cement tile collection manufactured using the “Stepwise” technology.‎

The collection is produced in 6 powdery colours, four more neutral – Bianco, Grigio, Beige and Antracite – and two brighter and deeper – Celadon, a lovely type of Green, and Ottanio.‎ The characteristic that makes this collection unique and constantly different is that every shade comes in multiple graphic versions, giving this stoneware a distinctively “urban” flavour.‎ Thanks to new research into super-matt glazes, Contrasti has a silky surface and is very soft to touch.‎

The decors comprise Tappeti and Decori Mix.‎
The patterning is extremely important in the Tappeti, since they combine colour with white: some have a white decor on a coloured background and others a coloured decor on a white background, creating a striking negative-positive effect.‎ The motifs in the Tappeti vary depending on the colours, and are floral or geometrical; the Tappeti are produced in all colour variants.‎

The Decori Mix comprise 16 motifs that pick up the floral and geometrical patterns of the Tappeti, in white-oncolour or colour-on white, together with other designs only featured in the mix, in the Ottanio, Antracite and Grigio colours on white background.‎

The colour assortment and decors are suitable for vibrant, colourful interiors: the initially quite conventional floral decors are brought up to date by the use of two-tone contrast, while the geometric decors feature clean, strong lines, for very characterful design schemes.‎

Contrasti is suitable for wall and floor coverings in both residential and light commercial locations.‎

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20x20 cm

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