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Marble wall decor item

A unique art and design project, born from a passionate dialogue on the beauty of Roman mosaic flooring, and on their ability to transform, under our steps, from a decorative element to a liquid narrative space, able to envelop the viewer turning it into an integral part of the story.‎
This is the premise that has seen Danilo Ramazzotti and Andrea Pescio collaborate in the realization of a new concept of artistic element: pieces of art to be managed freely, in a oscillating spatiality that goes from the wall to the floor, to climb back on the opposite wall.‎
Hence the idea and the technical challenge of making pieces that can be placed, as well as on the wall, also as pieces of a flooring, to be managed both as free elements and in modular and condensed solutions as nodes of a contemporary carpet.‎
The series of 5 subjects is made in the material that has repeatedly been "the house" of Italian art: the statuary marble, which for the occasion is transformed into a white canvas modeled to accommodate the artistic element.‎
The other element chosen is the leather, which takes us back to the "skin" of the ancient scrolls, to this particular material, tied in double thread to life, is entrusted the artistic narrative.‎
But this story Andrea Pescio chooses to narrate it, as usual, with the four colors of industrial ink, so the Bic pen becomes, like marble and skin, an additional element that can represent the story that continues and lands at the boundaries of the contemporary.‎

The collection consists of 5 subjects 30x30 cm and 3 subjects 20x80 cm
Each subject is made of 50 unique numbered specimens, designed and hand-painted by the artist.‎
Each piece is accompanied by certification of the authenticity of the work.‎

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Oscillating spatiality Collection by RAMA 1956
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