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Decorative painting finish


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Decorative painting finish

Sensitive, fresh, mineral, les Neutres 1 de Ressource offers a beautiful palette of gray, ideal for modern and uncompromising atmospheres.‎

Pure grays are very useful for counterbalancing colorful moods and are characteristic of graphic and contemporary atmospheres.‎ Beyond the 8 shades "Pure Gray" that perfectly illustrate this type of gray and are part of the collection The 1970's Colors, other colors are part of this line.‎

The selection to discover : S15 – Gris Photo, S18 – Gris Photo, S19 – Gris Photo, PG01 à PG08 – Pure Grey.‎

Neutral bluish, clear and bright, are interesting colors to replace a gray for freshness, or instead of a white to avoid a too hard contrast.‎

The selection to discover : FOR02 – Sédiment, SC296 – Lead Colour, S12 – Gris Photo, C12 – Ciste, SC294 – Pearl Colour.‎

Purple neutrals bring with them a softness and a discreet warmth.‎

Discover them through the following references  : RSB41 – Sculpture, C30 – Chardon de Mulet, IT06 – Gris 1610, S84 – Gris Bouleau, S85 – Gris Bouleau, S87 – Gris Bouleau, S88 – Gris Bouleau, S89 – Gris Bouleau, i12 – Taupe Glace.‎

The green neutrals, which are similar to gray warmed by a hint of green, convey a soothing and enveloping sensation brought by the underlying idea of ​​the plant.‎ Ideal allies of cozy but comfortable environments, they are regularly used by renowned decorators.‎

The selection to discover  : F18 – Mineral Grey, F22 – Ormond, i23 – Gris Chaud, C25 – Queue de Lièvre, C27 – Cœur de Marie, C28 – Charmille, SL12 – Laurier, CFL07 – Abysse, FOR24 - Carbone.‎

The unbleached neutrals, full of light and softness, are ideal for warming an interior in subtlety.‎ This is why they are often the best substitutes for white.‎ If our collection "Les Blancs Cassés" is dedicated to these ecru borrowed from the past, the other collections are full of these essential hues.‎

The selection to discover  : S91 – Grège Ciment, S117 – Crème Café, SL01 – Neige, SL03 – Craie, OROC01 – Athos.‎

Brown neutrals, more present than unbleached neutrals, are timeless classics.‎ Warm and soft, they blend perfectly with the interiors with cachet creating a shades with natural wood beams or floors.‎

The selection to discover  : RSB04 – Yucatan, RSB06 – Sierra Madre, S102 – Brun Cèpe, S107 - Brun Cèpe, SC235, i21 – Gris Chaud.‎

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