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Decorative painting finish

Elegance of the carmines, voluptuousness of the bright reds, softness of the roses, les Rouges de Ressource seduce and captivate by giving a soul to your walls.‎
Red, as a mythical color has long been undeveloped in terms of interior paint offerings.‎ Ressource, using his laboratory, looked into this lack and created an entire collection dedicated to red called "Les Nouveaux Rouges" including 24 shades.‎

You will find a plethora of intense red hues in the collection « Les Nouveaux Rouges » but also within other full-tone collections.‎

The selection to discover : F31 – Afghan Red, NR03 – Cléopâtre, NR05 – Faust, NR06 – Rouge Opéra, NR10 – Fédora, NR11 – Aïda, NR15 – La Scala, SL14 – Coquelicot, POP20 – Rapture.‎

Carmines have many sublime hues within the Resource Catalog.‎ These dark, deep and elegant reds are sumptuous, discover the anthology of the following references to the evocative name : VINT13 – Royal Maroon, POP16 – Saraband, RSB39 – Amish Red, IT14 – Rouge Ébène, SL24 – Piment, NR16 – Lucrèce, C20 – Croix de Jérusalem, SL16 – Aubergine.‎

Purplish reds
Equipped with the sensuality of red and the force of blue, these "purplish reds" have the power to create a cozy atmosphere with a hint of mystery.‎

The selection to discover : NR17 – Semiramis, NR18 – Othello, NR20 – Norma, OROC27 – Udaïpur, RSB35 – Magenta Red, C24 – Ronce à Fleur, i06 – Vin Mauve, RSB40 – Sebastian, RSB15 – Bougainvillier, POP04 – Plum, SL20 – Lilas des Indes, NR19 – La Maréchale.‎

The mauves
Sweetness and neutrality, are the promises that mauves can bring into an interior thanks to their gray content.‎

The selection to discover : S24 – Gris Mauve, S25 – Gris Mauve, HC87 – Wedgwood Lilac, S26 – Gris Mauve, S29 – Gris Mauve, S32 – Gris Mauve, S30 – Gris Mauve, RG13 – Platane, i05 – Vin Mauve.‎

Vivacity and freshness are the qualities of modern and well-understood roses that Ressource offers you.‎

The selection to discover : SL17 – Rose d’Amour, S65 – Corail Rose, F30 – Blossom, S45 – Rose Poudré, S46 – Rose Poudré, S47 – Rose Poudré.‎

Pale roses
Femininity and benevolence are the key words of Ressource's pale roses.‎ Immerse yourself in your comforting childhood memories while rediscovering the rose through its fresh, gray or slightly dull shades that make it a very contemporary color.‎

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