Rezina ZN BASE 00 Resin wall/floor tiles


ZN BASE 00 By Rezina


Resin wall/floor tiles

Lastest generation Two-component resin in water dispersion composed of amino resin loaded with selected quartz, fine powders and additives, reticulated with high quality pure epoxy resin.‎ Zn Base 00 Rezina® is characterized, like the Zn Base, by a spontaneous and natural mélange effect.‎ The powders, dosed appropriately and having finer grain sizes than the previous version, give it an even softer surface that allows for a product of the highest design, always with a material surface but at the same time smoother and softer to the touch.‎ The primary characteristic, certainly the most important, which distinguishes Zn Base 00 Rezina® from other products available on the market is this spontaneous mélange effect, just slightly dependent on the hand of the operator, who can be easily trained to obtain an aesthetic effect perfectly matching with the one suggested by the parent company.‎ This means that a coating in Zn Base 00 Rezina® made in Italy, in Europe or in any other part of the world will maintain, even if applied by teams of different teams of applicators, 90% of its aesthetic characteristics.‎

A widely tested product, Zn Base 00 Rezina® has been used with great satisfaction for over 9 years incombination with the Rezina® coloring system, guaranteeing a great reliability and reproducibility of the color cards.‎

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