Built-in air treatment unit

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Built-in air treatment unit

Rhoss sets a new standard for “indoor” comfort by improving the hedonistic nature of the air delivered into the room by means of broad spectrum “biocidal filtration” treatment.‎ This is the result of the studies, expertise and Know-how gained over the years by Rhoss spa and Labiotest srl, in their respective professional fields and underlined by an agreement entered into by the two companies for the exclusive distribution of the new Air'Suite® filters for HVAC applications.‎

A new way to treat the air in the confined spaces that we breathe every day.‎ It requires systems for olfactometric conditioning and the “filter” range, that is the line of filters applicable to the world of ventilation and air conditioning.‎
A new concept of biocidal filtration that allows for the removal of microbiological contamination without requiring the installation of additional solutions or the modification of existing systems.‎

Healthy environment
Living in a “clean” environment is a concept closely linked to breathing clean air.‎
On average, each person inhales air 16,000 times a day, so breathing in a healthy environment allows for healthy living.‎ But what does clean air mean? Healthy?
It means guaranteeing adequate thermo-hygrometric conditions, but mainly the absence of conditions that directly or indirectly affect out mental and physical state, such as odours and pathogens.‎ In other words, a high standard of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality).‎
Today this need indoors is threatened by the intensification of external pollution (promiscuity of production areas, road traffic, etc.‎ .‎ .‎ ) and increased air recirculation in environments where energy saving is strategic and/or where there is no easy availability of primary air.‎
General regulatory issues
Through the “2004-2010 European Environmental and Health Action Plan”, the European Union has set the improvement of air quality as a priority objective together with the development of new countermeasures against the increase in diseases and syndromes associated with extended periods spent in confined, high density environments (SBS: sick building syndrome).‎ This same objective has inspired our staff during the design and creation of Air'Suite®.‎

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