RIELLO TAU N Gas stainless steel condensation boiler




Gas stainless steel condensation boiler

The new TAU N boiler has been designed according to the principle of heat stratification: in the upper part of the body there is water at a high temperature, while in the lower part, where condensation takes place, a large amount of cold water remains to guarantee condensation.‎
The generator structure has been designed to contain thermal expansions.‎
Special care has been taken in the thermal insulation of the boiler body, the paneling and the door, by using high density mineral wool and
ceramic fiber.‎
Some models are available also in a version that can be assembled and welded in the heating room.‎
The control panel must be ordered separately.‎

- Low polluting emissions, Class 6 ( EN 15502)
- Low body average temperature and quick warm-up times
- Several system solutions are available thanks to the combination with RIELLOtech control panels.‎
- Integrated condensate drain.‎

TAU boilers are designed and built to serve heating systems and for the production of domestic hot water, if provided with suitable storage
systems.‎ The characteristics of the hydraulic connections are shown in the table.‎
The choice and installation of the system components is in charge of the installer, who must operate according to the rules of good technique
and regulations in force.‎
Installations loaded with antifreeze require the use of water disconnectors.‎

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