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Rectangular dining table


Solid Wood, Iron

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The WOODSTOCK table has a 9-cm-thick tabletop in solid American walnut composed of wooden boards of different dimensions glued together lengthwise.‎ Because of their extraordinary thickness, these tops need a preparation and drying process that is much longer the normal process used for a top whose average thickness is 4 or 5 cm.‎ The delivery time of this item is, therefore, quite long; about 6 months depending on the availability of the material.‎ We suggest you contact the RIVA Commercial Department to find out the estimated delivery time.‎ Please bear in mind that wood is a “living” material, which will continue to interact with its surroundings for the whole life of the piece of furniture and will react to heat and, above all, to different degrees of humidity.‎ Too low a level of humidity (for example, in a room heated by fan heaters, wall heating systems or underfloor heating without proper humidification) may cause splits in the wood.‎ It is also recommended to avoid putting the table too near to direct heat sources like stoves or fireplaces.‎
Maintain an ideal ambient humidity level of between 50% and 55%.‎ If small splits appear in the wood (caused by changes in the ambient conditions, as explained above), they can be repaired using a specific “wax filler” which is readily available in shops (or through your authorised RIVA 1920 dealer) and comes in the form of different coloured sticks.‎ We suggest you use an eco-friendly, single component, water-based filler.‎ Proceed as follows: after having heated the stick to make it softer, work it in carefully and vigorously rub the filled area with a cloth until the wax filler has penetrated the crack and then remove any excess or smears.‎ When it is dry, the wax filler needs to be well sanded down with fine grain sandpaper.‎ Then oil the part of the table again that has been treated.‎ Never use chemical products, abrasive substances or maintenance kits other than the ones supplied by RIVA 1920.‎

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Woodstock Collection by Riva 1920
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