Roofingreen ROOFINGREEN NATURE Raised outdoor module for covering ventilated flooring.




Raised outdoor module for covering ventilated flooring.

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Roofingreen NATURE is a patented modular system, featuring a special supporting structure with height-adjustable bases.‎ It is a raised outdoor covering and is ideal for covering ventilated horizontal surfaces.‎ A simple idea for creating liveable spaces where they had not been originally planned.‎ Terraces and horizontal coverings become new spaces for daily and social living.‎ The Roofingreen modular structure creates a surface which can comprise an unlimited number of modules connected to each other.‎ The upper part of each module has a covering layer of synthetic grass bound to an insulating layer of XPE.‎ The lower part can be completed with supporting bases with heights ranging between 20 and 230 mm, and numbered according to the load it is intended to bear.‎

Roofingreen Nature, besides being cheaper than similar solutions, benefits of the incentives for energy efficiency under the laws of various countries.‎
The insulating layer, along the interspace between the support surface and the surface, creates a perfect thermal insulation and sound absorption: ventilation in summer, protection from the cold winter.‎ And muffled noises, all year round.‎
Create elevated surfacesRoofingreen Nature is a patented modular system for cladding and flooring of external surfaces horizontal.‎ Thanks to a support structure, with support bases at heights adjustable, allows to create surfaces elevated and ventilated.‎

Roofingreen has developed a set of modules for covering and insulating ventilated surfaces.‎ The Roofingreen Nature product line is ideal for covering every kind of horizontal surfaces, featuring three levels of thickness thus being adaptable to different climates, and three types of supporting feet whose height can be further fine tuned.‎ Roofingreen Nature is also available in the Nature Led variant, integrated with low consumption LED footpath lights, and Nature Drain provided with holes to drain meteoric water, that can be laid directly on earth or other draining surfaces.‎ To cover and insulate vertical surfaces, Roofingreen has created the Nature Side module, with its supporting substructure.‎

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The path to continuous innovation that characterizes the work of Roofingreen emerges from the attention to details and from the collaboration with the most prestigious national research institutes, to measure and improve the quality of process and products.‎ On these premises the company has embarked on the path to achieve ISO 9001 certification, which aims to increase the effectiveness and efficiency through a highly standardized and optimized production processes.‎ All products comply with the requirements for fire resistance, are resistant to UV rays, and certified according to UNI EN 1177 on impact absorption.‎ Concerning Nature collection, Roofingreen has began a study on life cycle analysis (LCA - Life Cycle Assessment) according to ISO 14040-14044 standards, aimed at obtaining the environmental product declaration (EPD), certifiable within the International EPD System.‎ All supplies and partnerships that contribute to the realization of the final product are based on this logic and on the overall design of qualitative excellence.‎

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M20 - 530 x 530 x 50 mm - Insulation thickness 20 mm

Roofingreen Sintetico Collection by Roofingreen
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