Synthetic grass vertical gardening trellis

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Synthetic grass vertical gardening trellis


Synthetic Grass

Roofingreen has developed a set of modules for covering and insulating ventilated surfaces.‎ The Roofingreen Nature product line is ideal for covering every kind of horizontal surfaces, featuring three levels of thickness thus being adaptable to different climates, and three types of supporting feet whose height can be further fine tuned.‎ Roofingreen Nature is also available in the Nature Led variant, integrated with low consumption LED footpath lights, and Nature Drain provided with holes to drain meteoric water, that can be laid directly on earth or other draining surfaces.‎ To cover and insulate vertical surfaces, Roofingreen has created the Nature Side module, with its supporting substructure.‎

Technical data

The path to continuous innovation that characterizes the work of Roofingreen emerges from the attention to details and from the collaboration with the most prestigious national research institutes, to measure and improve the quality of process and products.‎ On these premises the company has embarked on the path to achieve ISO 9001 certification, which aims to increase the effectiveness and efficiency through a highly standardized and optimized production processes.‎ All products comply with the requirements for fire resistance, are resistant to UV rays, and certified according to UNI EN 1177 on impact absorption.‎ Concerning Nature collection, Roofingreen has began a study on life cycle analysis (LCA - Life Cycle Assessment) according to ISO 14040-14044 standards, aimed at obtaining the environmental product declaration (EPD), certifiable within the International EPD System.‎ All supplies and partnerships that contribute to the realization of the final product are based on this logic and on the overall design of qualitative excellence.‎

Roofingreen Nature Side is a patented modular system ideal for the coating and insulation of the external surfaces vertical.‎ Thanks to a substructure in aluminum, allows you to create ventilated facades efficient and pleasing to the eye.‎

The grass without defects grass
The modules Roofingreen Nature Side offer a natural effect, but innovate green wall with the benefits of the technology: fast installation, aesthetic appearance unchanged, minimal maintenance.‎

Roofingreen Nature Side combines the advantages of a traditional ventilated facade with the aesthetic, functional and performance of its system modular, easy to lay.‎ The effect is that of a green wall of exceptional impact, where the individual panels seem to disappear into one large vertical mosaic.‎ L '"chimney effect" generated from the interspace of air between the module and the wall creates a natural ventilation that contributes, together with insulating materials, the energy performance of the building.‎ The coating synthetic grass also preserves the wall from direct runoff and direct, keeping healthy and dry wall.‎ Roofingreen Nature Side is a "green technology" of the last generation, born to optimize the benefits of green facades, a growing trend in contemporary architecture.‎

Less power, no water, more recycling
Thanks to the insulating material embedded in the system Roofingreen Nature Side building can achieve significant energy savings.‎ The modules do not require addition of irrigation and are constituted by a high percentage of recycled materials, which helps to limit the production of waste.‎

A system maintenance-free
Roofingreen Nature Side, compared to similar systems of natural green, represents a very competitive solution, which requires no maintenance and benefits from laying costs content.‎ The durability of the product thus becomes a crucial element of environmental and economic sustainability.‎

Savings and tax incentives
Roofingreen Nature Side, as well as being cheaper than similar solutions, benefits of the incentives for energy efficiency under the laws of various countries.‎

Thermal insulation and sound absorption
Roofingreen Nature Side generates a sound absorption wall that allows you to muffle the noise and create a sound environment more relaxing.‎ At the same time, its thermal insulation system provides ventilation in summer and protection from the cold winter.‎ For a total wellness, all year round.‎

Further info from manufacturer on ROOFINGREEN NATURE SIDE
mm 530 x 530 x 50

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