Room dividers

The growing increase in the design of open space environments has made it necessary to use room dividers, the perfect solution to create new spaces within very large rooms without resorting to a clear separation. By combining design and functionality, they allow to keep intact the sense of contiguity between adjacent rooms and create suggestive and elegant perceptions. A timeless symbol of excellent taste, the partition panel is an object in continuous evolution that can continue to be renewed by presenting original solutions, surprising and highly topical as in the case of room dividers in modern style. Lovers of refinement and good taste in furniture can not give up admiring the infinite choice of design partitions on the market.

Room dividers: this way the space is transformed

Room dividers are real mobile walls that allow to screen some strategic points of the interior and represent a new way of furnishing open spaces without necessarily resorting to bulky and limiting walls and partitions. The variants and types of interior partitions available are endless and applicable to any environment. Those who want to introduce this object, certainly functional but sometimes also sculptural, can choose from the many versions of wooden room dividers, a traditional material but at the same time adaptable to modern and classic contexts. The dividing elements are often used to ensure a certain passage of light between the rooms: in this sense, the ideal choice is represented by glass room dividers, completely transparent or opaque, decorated or colored, for a maximum customization of the style of furniture. A particular version can be identified in the suspended room dividers, they appear as separates that descend vertically from the ceiling and create games of full and empty incredibly suggestive and with the ability to completely distort the starting space. This type is often produced with sound-absorbing fabrics in order to create, using light elements, small acoustic islands in space.

The partition as a surprising and multifunctional piece of furniture

The partitions can become the focal point of a room, depending on the accessories and characteristics chosen it looks like an unusual and intriguing product, as is the case of luminous room dividers that combine their function to illuminating and almost replacing the lamps create a romantic and intriguing atmosphere. If you love to surprise your guests with attractive and original solutions you can certainly not help but look at the proposals of fabric room dividers, characterized by original shapes and bright colors, essential if you want to give a fun touch to your environment. The possibility of customization and the soundproofing properties typical of some fabrics have meant that the proposals of these panels are presented in great variety and for different uses. Hence the possibility of opting for sound-absorbing partitions, very common in large open spaces for public use. In particular, workstation partition panels meet the needs of office spaces, allowing the creation of small islands in which to find silence and privacy. On the one hand, the sound-absorbing fabric, such as felt, allows the development of acoustic qualities, on the other hand, the size and modularity of the panels allow you to find a certain visual shelter.
The possibility that a partition is self-supporting allows this piece of furniture to occupy any point of space without affecting the perimeter structures, unlike the ceiling partitions that, suspended from the floor are a valid replacement for the partitions in case you do not want to permanently change the spatial divisions.

Types of room dividers for interiors: from simple separators to screens

Separating environments is not just a functional action but it can be fun and lead to totally unexpected results. Perfect for creating new spaces, the partitions differ in shapes, colors, sizes and materials: in this regard, you can choose between traditional materials such as metal, fabric or wooden partitions and alternative versions made of bamboo, wicker or rice paper. Depending on the spatial needs, it is possible to customize the dimensions of the panels and opt for beautiful models of custom partitions thanks to which our creativity will be totally free from any scheme.
The most popular and well-known models are certainly screens, dividing walls made up of one or more panels joined by hinges that directly recall the eastern world and the Chinese tradition of feng shui. This practice of ancient origin aims at the harmony of man with the environment and in establishing the fundamental elements to be possessed at home, considers the screen an essential element for this purpose.
When choosing the partition that suits our needs, whether it prefers fantasy over functionality, whether it is self-supporting, on wheels or decorated, what matters is that this piece of furniture does not compromise the availability of space and, at the same time, does not sacrifice the brightness of the environment, giving it a touch of design and originality.

Customizing the environment with partitions

A partition is an ideal mobile solution for those looking for a diversification of spaces without having to resort to fixed divisions, contributing to the aesthetics of an interior design project thanks to models with unusual shapes and original mixes of colors and materials. Since this is a product of great functionality, it is possible to find some versions that, in addition to adapting to any stylistic taste, can be transported from one environment to another: the partition with wheels will be our greatest ally to change the appearance of a room if necessary and to furnish the outdoor spaces if our choice falls on the garden partition screens. Mobility can be an essential feature and a great help when the panels contain plants. In fact, there is an increasing tendency to furnish interiors with entire walls in synthetic grass or with panels that develop vertically and allow the insertion of real climbing plants. The plant partitions allow you to bring the green in our environments in an elegant and non-invasive way. A truly original trend and in line with the current Urban jungle style, which has become one of the experts in interior design, a fresh and lively proposal for furnishing apartments.

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