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The innovative nature of X-RAD lies in its ability to invalidate the standards of wooden constructions thanks to the advantages it offers: higher precision, reduced installation time, greater safety on site, reduced number of components needed for fastening, excellent static performance.‎
Rothoblaas' X-RAD is a complete connection system for all types of CLT buildings.‎ Extremely simple, it is made up of 3 parts: X-ONE, X-PLATE and X-SEAL.‎ Mechanical, thermal and acoustic behaviour optimised to ensure maximum performance.‎


X-ONE is the main component of the X-RAD connection system of Rothoblaas, iit is the first connection in the world designed and optimised to make the most out of the CLT's mechanical resources.‎ It can be used in the complete X-RAD system for multi-storey buildings and in all applications that require the transfer of strong stresses.‎
Connection system ideal for seismic design with tested and certified values of ductility (EC - ETA 15/0632).‎


X-PLATE is the range of certified steel plates for mounting the CLT panels on the building site, made up of X-BASE, X-MID and X-TOP.‎ The connectable panel thicknesses vary from 100 mm to 200 mm.‎ X-BASE plates introduce a new concept of ground alignment and creating the attachment to the ground, making the mounting of the walls extremely precise and quick, with a saving in building times of between 50% and 70%.‎
- The range meets every on-site need, from attachment to the ground, to connection between walls at different levels and with different thicknesses, to fastening the walls at top level.‎
- High quality guaranteed by the CE marking according to EN1090 of the X-PLATE components


This is a pre-shaped closure that is suited to the morphology of the X-ONE and X-PLATE components.‎ X-SEAL guarantees air and wind tightening, reduces the transmission of acoustic vibrations through the air and attenuates the single-point thermal bridge.‎
The use of X-SEAL in combination with the range of Rothoblaas acrylic tapes ensures quick execution and a perfect preservation over time of the seal characteristics against air and wind
Rothoblaas' technical office guarantees all the necessary support for the first realization with the X-RAD system, from the design to the construction phases.‎

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X-RAD Collection by ROTHOBLAAS
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