ROMA | 305

Wall-mounted handshower with bracket

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Wall-mounted handshower with bracket



ROMA305 Hand spray head, dual use, fixed bracket and upper directional wall-bracket and union and other parts co-ordinated with Roma line.‎Flexible lenght 150 cmTo order the Roma shower handset in black or white plastic, add letter N (black) or B (white) to end of code no.‎

ROMA305AHand spray head, dual use, support intake upper directional wall-bracket and other parts co-ordinated with Roma line.‎Flexible lenght 125 cmTo order the Roma shower handset in black or white plastic, add letter N (black) or B (white) to end of code no.‎

The Roma collection has never been out of production since 1926.‎ How many products in the world can claim such a record? Its classic design and absolute technical reliability have led to its success, and it has always been brought up to date without ever betraying the original design.‎ Perfectly at home inthe most modern settings, the Roma is still today the “tap” par excellence.‎

Rubinetterie Stella offers numerous possibilities for customizing its collections.‎ In fact, each of the finishes, applicable to all the collections, has been designed to enhance the charm of the products.‎

Chrome to accentuate the classicism, Bronze and Brass to enhance the retro tone, and Nickel, proposed in the Nickel PVD and Brushed nickel, for a modern retro effect with more sophisticated tones.‎ The most precious galvanic finishes such as Silver and Gold or Rose Gold are created with a final carat of up to 23.‎5Kt, while PVD protections recently introduced are the extension of the whole range.‎

PVD Finish
Physical Vapor Deposition, often abbreviated as PVD, is a method for coating all kinds of materials with a very strong adherence and high hardness, allowing chromatic variations - all similar to galvanic finishes - and with different aspects depending on the substrate to which they are applied.‎
The decorative PVD treatment, used by Rubinetterie Stella, allows the deposition of a thin but very hard layer on the article to be coated to obtain a series of characteristics:
- Abrasion resistance due to hardness (up to 1000/2500 HV) obtained on the treated surface
- Inalterability to UV rays and resistance to solvents and corrosion
- Coloring with great chromatic effect such as gilding, nickel plating, gunmetal black and many others
- Wide range of surface finishes ranging from bright, satin polish to various shades of opacity
- The PVD finish is hypoallergenic
Finally, it is worth pointing out that the entire PVD process is harmless to the environment.‎ The PVD process is safe, clean and sustainable, it is non-toxic and is even used for the treatment of medical instruments such as for scalpel blades, where sharpening and its duration are important, as well as for kitchen equipment, such as cutlery, trays and furnishing accessories intended for prolonged contact with people

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