Extremely useful in order to bring an extra touch to the furniture of indoor as well as outdoor spaces, rugs are key as an accessory to warm up the ambiance and grace an environment with diverse patterns and a handful of motifs. Rugs are design product that are ideal for creating and composing a furniture style that resonates with the character of a space and can complete the indoor with a variety of options. From the classical oriental rugs to modern rugs with metal inserts, rugs are all furnishing elements that can contribute to make the floor of any room more comfortable, from the bathroom to the bedroom, from the kitchen to the living area.

The right rug for all needs: materials

Rugs are a definitely versatile design element that can be used in the traditional floor variant or hang to the wall as a tapestry. Such a possibility to customize the use of rugs is made possible by the large variety of colors and patterns available. With regards to materials, natural fibers are increasingly used. Catchy and handy, coming from the ethnic-based tradition, rugs in natural fiber go well precisely with an exotic furnishing style. Their peculiarity is that they absorb the exceeding moisture in the room to release it when the environment is too dry and they also prevent the electrostatic energy to accumulate. Wood and silk are still the most used, resistant and enduring materials, in their bright and stable materials. Synthetic materials are generally the least expensive. With their shapes, drawings and colors of all kinds, they can be placed in the living as well as in the night area. Made of polyamide, polyester, polypropylene or polyacrile, they are soft, warm and especially resistant to rips and humidity.

Colors, patterns and style of rugs

As for the colors and patterns available, patterned rugs are an interesting solution to adorn the space, together with the more classic solid-color rugs. It is worth to highlight that rugs colors impact tremendously on the overall environment, as they can radically transform the atmosphere of the room. Certain colors like green can elicit wellness and calmness, aside from having a relaxing effect. On the contrary, other colors, as for instance red, are energetic and entice enthusiasm, warmth. Starting from the ‘90s, partly because of an influence by the Asian culture and partly as a way to counterbalance the hectic and exhausting rhythms of life, the need has come to shape calm and relaxing spaces. This has led the houses indoors to be permeated by neutral colors palettes, so to set up relaxing and cozy spaces, by merging class and sophistication. However, when choosing the right rug it is necessary to also consider its capability to harmonize with the surrounding space for its size and style.
Contemporary style rugs feature different patterns and colors and offer the possibility to choose among several contemporary patterns. Some of the trendiest are with no doubt patchwork rugs, suitable for an informal colorful space, available in natural and synthetic materials. Rugs with optical pattern can have bold or the classical black and white binomial. Rugs with floral patterns, on the other hand, contribute to set a romantic mood, while rugs with geometrical patterns are perfect for a more contemporary furnishing style.

A rug for each room: the right one for each area

Depending on the space of destination in the house, rugs can feature different characteristics.
Bedside rugs are normally long and narrow. Hey are normally placed besides the bed on the side that is normally used to stand up. Materials can be many, but such models are normally very soft and especially warm.
Non-slip mats are generally made of rubber, polyacrilc or polyester and as suggested by their name help averting falling. These rugs are normally destined to the bathroom as they form a firm layer between the person and the slippery surface. They can take plenty of shapes and feature diverse designs and colors. The most important thing is that on the back there is a specific non-slip system, often constituted by micro suction cups that adhere to the floor.
Outdoor rugs, on the other hand, are ideal in terraces, gardens and verandas. Such rugs are both functional and handy and appealing to the sight. Depending on the space we need to furnish it is possible to choose from different models that differ from each other by the type of fabric fiber used or by their manufacturing process. In the specific, if we want to opt for a fully waterproof rug, resistant to sun rays and mold, one that can be left in the garden with no issues, one in polypropylene fiber is recommended, a material that can withstand any atmospheric agent.
Colorful a vivid drawings that often represent cartoon characters, or words and numbers are more proper of the kids room. In the first place kids rugs allow them to play on a soft surface that protects them from the cold floor and in case they fall. On top of that, such rugs protect the room floor that is often put under stress by kids vivacity. Kids rugs are made of very soft, non-allergic, resistant and safe fibers and they can be easily cleaned up with a cleaner.
Eventually, runners, long and tight, usually in one solid-color, can be placed on the stairs of a building or from one door to the other of a corridor.

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