Samsung Climate Solutions EHS TDM PLUS - CLIMATEHUB Heat pump


EHS TDM PLUS - CLIMATEHUB By Samsung Climate Solutions


Heat pump

Heat pump

• Compact dimensions 595x1800x717 mm
• Inverter pump and integrated 3-way valve
• Efficiency class A++/A+
• N°2 integrated electric resistors for "Turbo" function of water heating and legionella treatment
• Water delivery temperature 5~55°C
• New electronic flow switch
• 8 litre expansion vessel
• Emergency mode function
• Power supply: single-phase 220 V - 50 Hz or three-phase 400 V - 50 Hz
• Photovoltaic and Smart Grid Contact

Product codes:

The EHS TDM Plus system integrates into a single solution 3 types of system: the air-to-air heat pump system, air-to-water system (underfloor heating) and the production of domestic hot water.‎ Main feature is the TDM (Time Division Multi) control system able to make the best use of the combination of the three systems in order to reach full operation in short time of the system with consequent energy saving and improvement of the environmental comfort.‎ Less consumption means less CO2 emissions and therefore more respect for the environment, as well as significant economic savings.‎
Underfloor heating, which is used by the system, is considered the optimal choice for the heating of rooms given the width of the radiant surface and the low temperature to be reached.‎ However, due to its thermal inertia, it takes from 4 to 8 hours to be heated and achieve a good level of comfort.‎ Samsung EHS cancels this time interval with TDM technology that combines underfloor heating with air split units, ensuring the optimum internal temperature in an interval between -25°C and +43°C.‎
The main technological advantage, in fact, lies in the reduction, during the winter, of the time to reach full operation of the system.‎ To do this, the system uses internal wall-mounted units with air-to-air in heat pump to bring the environment to set point temperature.‎ When the optimum level is reached, the temperature is kept constant by the action of the floor system.‎
The line-up features the new WindFree Wall-Mounted and the new ClimateHub, an integrated solution that encloses the hydro kit and an water tank of 200 or 260 liters.‎
Thanks to its compact size, the ClimateHub fits perfectly in the service rooms inside the house.‎

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AE200TNWTEH/EU: 595 x 1800 x 700 mm
AE260TNWTEH/EU: 595 x 1800 x 700 mm

EHS Heat pumps Collection by Samsung Climate Solutions
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