Samsung Climate Solutions FJM - ONE WAY CASSETTE WINDFREE Cassette ceiling mounted residential Multi-split air conditioning unit


FJM - ONE WAY CASSETTE WINDFREE By Samsung Climate Solutions


Cassette ceiling mounted residential Multi-split air conditioning unit

• WINDFREE mode to avoid direct airstreams thanks to 10,500 microphones
• Comfort guaranteed thanks to the humidity sensor.‎
• New blades with a depth of 100 mm, air launch increased.‎
• air supply with guide blades adjustable between 30° and 80°.‎
• Turbo Mode available.‎
• Manageable via app Smartphone and Tablet.‎
• Maximum silence: 24 db
• Communication with protocol "Nasa"; manageable via app Smartphone and Tablet.‎
• Built-in EEV electronic expansion valve (2000 step) and condensate drain pump
• Power supply: single-phase 220 V - 50 Hz

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The Samsung S-Inverter, Free Joint Multi, multi split systems allow you to freely combine up to 5 indoor units of different type and power with a single outdoor unit.‎
The wide line-up of indoor units with elegant and discreet lines guarantees a wide versatility of applications in residential and commercial environments.‎ The Twin Rotary compressor and DC Inverter technology ensure excellent performance, high efficiency and absolute comfort.‎
The compact external units, the automatic identification of the indoor units and the absence of distributors facilitate installation operations.‎ The Inverter air conditioner compressor does not switch off but adjusts the power by varying the rotation speed  according to the requirements avoiding the continuous start-up of the on/off air conditioners.‎
The design features of the new BLDC inverter compressors with 8-pole motor (Seris N and R models) provide a large number of permanent magnets that significantly improve the performance of the air conditioner as they reduce the speed of rotation thus ensuring energy saving, a more uniform temperature, a reduction in vibration, a wide“range” of capacity and maximum quietness thanks to the coating with the special sound absorbing material that ensures greater sound insulation.‎
At the start the power output is maximum to quickly reach the set temperature while when the temperature is close to that required, the power output adjusts automatically and is kept within ±0.‎5°C by the set value.‎
The new Free Joint Multi models provide an automatic addressing mode (by pressing a single button), for the identification of indoor units that simplifies and reduces installation times.‎ Inside the external motor, an electronic expansion valve (EEV) is inserted for each circuit which has the function of regulating and optimizing the amount of refrigerant to all indoor units according to the actual cooling capacity to be developed (variable depending on the energy requirement).‎
The outdoor unit is connected to the indoor units through the traditional folder connections; no additional distributors are needed, resulting in reduced footprint and easy installation.‎
The power cable of the system is provided on the outdoor unit.‎ From it, the power terminals leave for all indoor units.‎
The communication between the outdoor and indoor unit is done by bus cable (two wires with RS-485 protocol) ensuring the correct communication, regardless of the communication terminal used.‎

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AJ026TN1DKG/EU - 970 x 135 x 410 mm
AJ035TN1DKG/EU - 970 x 135 x 410 mm
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FJM Multisplit Collection by Samsung Climate Solutions
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