Wall-mounted fan coil unit

Wall-mounted fan coil unit


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Wall-mounted fan coil unit By Samsung


Wall-mounted fan coil unit

VISIBLE CONSOLE model FANCOIL unit with the following characteristics:
• High efficiency exchanger
• Possibility of vertical or horizontal installation, recessed or false ceiling
• Washable dust filter included.‎
• Communication with "NASA" protocol, via MIM-F00N interface included
• 3-way valve included
• Power supply: Single phase 220 V - 50 Hz

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The Samsung DVM chiller allows, thanks to the exclusive use of the dual inverter compressor (produced by Samsung), a high efficiency at partial loads and a fast start-up in heating/cooling, while Flash injection technology ensures high performance especially at low temperatures.‎
The variable flow of refrigerant technology optimizes the consumption of electricity as it is able to vary the power supplied according to the thermal demand in the rooms to be air conditioned.‎
The cycle efficiency with Inverter scroll compressor and Flash injection technology is superior to that of a traditional compressor, as the additional capacity resulting from undercooling is obtained with less power absorbed: the steam, produced in the undercooling process, is compressed only from an intermediate pressure (higher than the intake pressure) thus ensuring greater efficiency.‎
The Flash injection technology then injects two-phase refrigerant (gas and liquid) at medium pressure inside the compressor spirals so as to obtain two compression stages with better efficiency and high performance at low temperature.‎
The brazed plate exchanger inside the outdoor unit used for undercooling increases the exchange efficiency by 30% compared to the classic Shell&Tube models and by 50% compared to the double tube models.‎
Each outdoor DVM chiller unit is equipped with 2 Samsung Inverter compressors, all equipped with Flash injection technology.‎
The sizes available are from 15-20-25HP (without integrated pump) and it is possible to combine up to 16 modules to reach the power of 1040 kW.‎
The operating limits are very high: 48°C in cooling and -25°C in heating and max water delivery temperature 55°C .‎
A major advantage is the ability to connect the same standard DVM external control systems;through a dedicated card in fact it is possible to interface the water coil with local wired controls and with the centralized systems of the products to direct expansion.‎

ACL-18DG - 774 x 226 x 535 mm
ACL-25DG - 984 x 226 x 535 mm
ACL-35DG - 1194 x 226 x 535 mm
ACL-55DG - 1404 x 251 x 535 mm
ACL-65DG - 1404 x 251 x 535 mm

DVM Chiller Collection by Samsung
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