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CANOPO | Garden vase By Samuele Mazza Outdoor


Resin cachepot




Base with aluminum structure covered in hand-woven synthetic resin.‎ Container pot with internal support top.‎
Dimensions: cm 78 x 78 h 71

The furnishings from the Canopo range stem from a dreamlike inspiration: giving rise to furnishings with a strong dramatic impact, which combine imposing aesthetics with convenience and ease of use.‎ The leg is the most distinctive part of the design of every piece of furnishing in this range.‎ An element that is obviously classical in style, but at the same time has some distinctly feline traits.‎ This iconic detail is combined with large cushions formed into soft shapes enveloping almost the entire structure.‎ This vast range of furnishings meets every need for the use and decoration of an outdoor space: sofas, dining tables, chairs, console tables, sunbeds, canopy beds, lights, food trolleys and bioethanol fires.‎

In addition to furnishings, accessories and lighting, the range also includes outdoor kitchens with the same distinctive leg design.‎ With items from the Canopo range, there are no limits to the creation of a sophisticated and complex design for a total look that is fully coordinated in every detail.‎

In contrast to the sophisticated and glamorous appearance, the furnishings in this range are made with materials that permit prolonged use outdoors, as are all of the elements from the Siderale collection.‎ Aluminium frames covered in hand-woven synthetic resin that is resistant to weather conditions, water-repellent fabrics and waterproofed cushions.‎
Often used in combination with elements from the Sole collection.‎

“Sidereal like moonlight, fantastic like the installations of Peter Greenaway, monumental like Villa Borghese, comfortable like a suite, ironic like our style”.‎ Precious outdoor furniture completely hand-made from the great stage presence, combining the stylistic research with practical and prolonged use in outdoor spaces for exclusive ambiances.‎
Siderale is a refined outdoor collection that combines the comfort and sophistication of the world´s finest indoor furniture with the strength and weather-resistance that DFN can guarantee.‎ In fact, all the collection’s items are made of iron or synthetic resin and are designed to withstand the rigors of any environmental condition.‎

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cm 78 x 78 h 71

Canopo Collection by Samuele Mazza Outdoor
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