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FLOAT | 2 seater sofa By Sancal


High-back fabric sofa

A sofa that is also a screen.‎ Hand in hand with Karim Rashid, we have managed to create a seat that respects our own universe when we cohabit in public spaces.‎ As Virginia Woolf would say, a room of one’s own providing intimacy and freedom.‎ Float is a contemporary couch designed for multiple purposes.‎ This slim floating seat with incorporated back wall provides complete privacy in open spaces, to rest back on, hang one’s scarf or coat on or simply wait in the secluded area given by its high back.‎ One of the main characteristics of Karim’s designs is their colourful combinations, which at first sight seem not possible.‎ Sancal products, on the other hand, are less vibrant.‎ Float offers the perfect balance, as we have granted greater relevance to the textures and reserved the touches of colour for smaller detail such as the headrest or cushions.‎ Each Float component (arms, seat, back and headrest) can be selected in a different fabric.‎ There is also a single colour option, upholstered with the same fabric.‎ Float is available in 3 sizes: two sofas with a low back and one sofa with a high back.‎ The latter offers different combinations: apart from the straight arms, you can choose an inclined arm to lie back on like a divan.‎ Furthermore, two hangers can be attached to the high back as if as it were a wall.‎ As for the cushions and headrests, Karim has also designed a series of patterns named Cairo.‎

- Fixed cover.‎
- Wooden structure covered with CMHR 30kg foam and H150gr fibre.‎
- Seat frame fitted with CMHR 35kg and CM 25kg foam, covered with H150gr fibre.‎
- Back frame fitted with 60mm NEA elastic webbing and fitted with CMHR 30kg foam covered with H150gr fibre.‎
- Arms: wooden structure fitted with CMHR 60kg foam, CMHR 30kg foam and covered with H150gr fibre.‎
- Headrest fitted with CM 25kg foam.‎
- Oak legs and wall hook.‎
- Scatter cushions: cotton covers filled with FiberDream (feather touch microfiber).‎

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Float Collection by Sancal
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