Sandhelden SIMBIOSIS S-03 3D printed countertop quartz sand washbasin


SIMBIOSIS S-03 By Sandhelden


3D printed countertop quartz sand washbasin

Manufacture year


S-03 appears as the final squared piece to complete the series.‎
This rectangular countertop basin has its dimensions within the tolerance of being used with one or two faucets, becoming a solution for big and spacious interiors.‎
The integration of an extra faucet in its plane surface is also a possibility if desired.‎

Material: Quartz sand
Versions: without tap hole, middle tap hole, left & right tap hole
Finish: semi-gloss
Colors: Nautic Blue, Arctic Blue, Mint Green, Hazelnut Brown, Rose Pink, Antique White, Charcoal Black, Glacier White - Custom color available on request

The term symbiosis applies to biological interaction, to the close and persistent relationship between organisms of different species.‎
In this case, SIMBIOSIS, a collection of countertop basins, refers to the close connection between architecture and product design, which have interacted symbiotically throughout history.‎
SIMBIOSIS can be understood as an architectural product with proportions and inspiration typical from classic construction techniques.‎
A close relationship that joins in the bathroom space, in which classic architectural values such as elegance, sobriety and nobility are reflected in the design line of the washbasins.‎
SIMBIOSIS stands for shapes that are comfortable, simple and clean both in their perception and in their use in an environment that invites relaxation, tranquillity and calm.‎
SIMBIOSIS´ timeless designs seamlessly fit in any period or era.‎ The objects do not distract the user from the bathroom experience, but give an added value to the aesthetics and comfort of the space.‎
Monosurface color, changing texture along the shape and quartz sand as a unique material provide a high-quality product.‎

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850 x 450 x 100 mm
Custom sizes available on request

SIMBIOSIS Collection by Sandhelden
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