Sandhelden VESTA BRED 3D printed quartz sand washbasin


VESTA BRED By Sandhelden


3D printed quartz sand washbasin

Vesta Bred is a 3D printed sink in quartz sand.‎
The design of VESTA BRED was also inspired by Japanese origami.‎
Despite its initially similar line to VESTA, the design is clearly distinguished by slightly more open surfaces that give it additional calm as an object.‎
Particularly impressive is the gentle interplay of light and shadow, which makes the design appear new and interesting from every perspective.‎ The particularly clear structure of VESTA BRED makes it an exciting and relaxing eye-catcher in any bathroom.‎

Material: Quartz sand
Finish: semi-gloss
Colors: Glacier White, Ivory White, Lavender Grey, Stormy Grey, Charcoal Black, Ocean Blue, Olive Green, Dark Lava (Patinated) - Custom color available on request

Further info from manufacturer on VESTA BRED Sandhelden
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(L) 300 x (D) 300 x (H) 130 mm
(L) 350 x (D) 350 x (H) 130 mm
(L) 430 x (D) 430 x (H) 130 mm
(L) 400 x (D) 300 x (H) 130 mm
(L) 600 x (D) 400 x (H) 130 mm
Custom sizes available on request
Bim and Cad
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Skandika Collection by Sandhelden
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