Sandrini Metalli SAND 20 Corrugated and undulated sheet steel


SAND 20 By Sandrini Metalli


Corrugated and undulated sheet steel

SAND 20 is one of the most versatile corrugated sheets of the whole range.‎
The multicorrugated section with a narrow interaxis makes this profile walkable and particularly resistant, as well as self-centering* in the case of half-round roofing.‎
The reduced height of the corrugated profile makes this product ideal for the realization of over-coverings where it is important to limit the height of the covering package.‎

When used in the wall, for the realization of a ventilated facade, the particular shape of the trapezoidal fret gives a marked and at the same time elegant aspect.‎

Our production facilities allow us to produce SAND 20 in three different useful widths: 750 mm, 900 mm or 975 mm in the case of installation with wall overlap (minimizing the incidence of overlap) and 1125 mm (L1, L2, L3).‎
Metal sheets are produced in custom lengths, according to specific customer requirements.‎
Thanks to the possibility of realizing SAND 20 with a useful width of 1125 mm (L3), the incidence of overlap is reduced to 7.‎73%, thus allowing a considerable economic saving for the installer.‎

The possible bending processes are: fixed radius bending, variable radius bending, shed bending.‎

The following applications are available on the internal side: non-woven fabric SANDnodrip with anti-condensation function, or non-woven fabric ANDcontrol with anti-noise-anti-condensation function.‎

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