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LED ceramic pendant lamp


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THE EIGHT BULB | Chandelier


LED ceramic pendant lamp



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Glassmaking in Murano originated in 8th-century Rome, with significant Asian and Islamic influences, as Venice was a major trading port.‎ Murano, barely less than 2 kms away from the heart of Venice, has closely seen culture and art through their various ages.‎
For centuries Murano has conserved the art of glass making with great pride, to the point that in the ancient Serenissima Republic of Venice, nobody was allowed to leave the island of Murano without official permission.‎ Although its tradition has been handed down from generation to generation for centuries, from Master to “garzonetto”, father to son, the history of Venetian glass working has evolved in a manner that continues to respect the true traditions, and integral customs of the land, and its history.‎
One summer, Matteo Cibic along with the founding duo of Scarlet Splendour, travelled around some of the most moving parts of Italy, where began the first manifestation of the Luce Naga collection.‎ From the early 15th century, Italy has been a tremendous catalyst in bringing the world beautiful ceramics.‎ During their days spent within the Vicenza region, which is responsible for producing some of the most notable ceramics even today, was found their first note to this beautiful serpent song, which so strikingly appears in the form of boundless movements and tunes, within the collection.‎ Furthermore, perfecting the process of electroplating 24-carat gold onto the ceramic body, kept the team awake through numerous nights, till the uncompromising goal was achieved.‎
Finally, the collection was completed with its essential element of Luce, which shines through one of a kind hand-blown Murano glass bulbs, made between water and fire.‎ Every inch of this collection is handcrafted in Italy, linking together some of the most acclaimed arts and culture of Italy, as a single timeless piece of contemporary (preserved) history, completed with almost decadent luxury

Luce Naga - Sinuous ceramic gold lights captures the fluidity of the serpent’s movement in fine ceramic.‎ The lights are dramatic, never subtle yet classic in their form and crafted in Italy.‎ Matteo Cibic achieves an astonishing mix of playfulness and luxe, which are topped with hand blown, almost quirky covers over high quality LED bulbs.‎

The Eight Bulb Chandelier is an unusual and dramatic ceiling light.‎

diameter 60 cm,height 25 cm
Dimensions THE EIGHT BULB | Chandelier

Luce Naga Collection by Scarlet Splendour
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