SDC LAB_Quinze & Milan ACÀ ALLÀ Modular aluminium bench seating

  • Designer Björn Vande Vijvere

ACÀ ALLÀ By SDC LAB_Quinze & Milan


Modular aluminium bench seating

Manufacture year



Björn Vande Vijvere

Acà Alla is a modular bench made of painted aluminum.‎ The Acà Alla system consists of 2 leg types and various seating modules.‎ The Acà Alla seating modules come in 3 different widths ( 60cm / 120cm / 180cm ) and can accommodate one, two or three persons.‎ All parts are very durable and built from powder-coated aluminum.‎ For even heavier circumstances the whole concept is also available in powder-coated steel.‎ As an optional feature, it is also possible to mount a side table.‎ The system allows for more options to be added and different finishings and upholstery.‎ This will be made available soon.‎

This design started with the idea of building a piece of furniture that adapts to the needs of the user.‎ It was important to me to design a system that was able to ‘grow’ by adding more features to the base parts.‎ I love it when someone else can use my work as the basis for his own creativity.‎ Therefore the design has been kept very clean, simple and very modular.‎ One could form a long swirling line with my design, a circle for a more intimate feeling or scatter it around throughout the space.‎ Hence the name “acca alla”, two words often used in Latin America: Somewhere over here.‎.‎ Somewhere over there.‎.‎ I am very curious to see what people will come up with when they start using it.‎.‎.‎

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