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Thermal break window

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In the case of OS2 75.‎1 the glass panels are not flush-mounted and the profile of the frame goes to underline the perimeter of the sash.‎ With OS2 75.‎2, on the other hand, the glass panels are flush-mounted and the profile sections can be continuous, both with regard to the fixed struts and in the perimeter of the sashes.‎

OS2 75.‎1
sashes can be easily distinguished in the front view
glass panels not flush-mounted between sashes and fixed panes

OS2 75.‎2
possibility of sections always the same between sashes and fixed panes
flush-mounted glazing between sashes and fixed panes
fixed pane

Available in:
- galvanised steel
- stainless steel
- corten steel
- brass

OS2 75 is part of the group of OS2 systems studied, conceived and realized by Secco Sistemi to replace the doors and windows used from the nineteenth century up to the middle of the last century.‎
This thermal break steel window comes in an array of more than 40 profiles, with visible sections reduced to the minimum: from just 27 mm to 62 mm and 77 mm depth.‎ The endless variations of OS2 75 correspond to the needs of an architectural project which designs the window in every single detail, calibrating the borders with care to vary harmoniously the play of light and shadow on the façades, both interior and exterior.‎ OS2 75 offers the possibility to realize different types of opening that can be freely composed in endless combinations in the glass curtain walls: the tilt & turn sash comes in dimensions of up to 130 x 290 cm with glazing panels of up to 50 mm, with concealed hinges and break-in-resistant closing mechanisms.‎ Pivoting and hinged fixtures increase interior space with sashes of up to 100 x 290 cm, with reduced dimensions and thin, congruent section profiles.‎ The sliding hinges, bottom and top rails are concealed when the doors are shut.‎ The performance of the OS2 75 thermal break system has been tested by the best European certifying laboratories in compliance with the current specific standard EN 14351-1 regulations

design of the variations
OS2 75a wide range of more than 40 profiles to realize the fixture designed in every single detail

The small profiles of the system are meticulously designed so that in the outline every line and fold is essential for reaching the very high levels of performance of thermal and sound insulation.‎ There are more than 40 profiles to choose from among which to find solutions for any formal or functional project requirement and thus to realize in every detail the fixture desired.‎ For glass curtain walls or three-dimensional façades, light screens or doors and windows, the choices offered by the OS2 75 system are many and varied: the profiles can house flush-mounted and non-flush-mounted glass panels, enhance the borders of the monocoloured area of the windows that make up the front, or render them imperceptible to the eye, put together sashes with fixed panes or which can be opened correspondingly in the design of the façade.‎ To better distinguish the various choices available, we have created two subsystems: OS2 75.‎1 and OS2 75.‎2.‎ 

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